183 – Fairy tales mill

Vanaf: 175.00

Prefer a difficult path with own value

It is the practical simplicity that makes watermills so beautiful. The water does all the hard work and with it decides the direction of the mill. After the night I took this photo, we had a tour through the mill. This mill became outdated when machines were invented that could take care of the drive. But when the NSDAP (national socialist German workers party) confiscated the machines, because the people didn´t want to join this party, the watermill became necessary again to do the heavy work. The people would rather work harder and more primitive than to lose their own worth. The water mill is as a miracle, it is so intrinsic and so special that we even have this. An unprecedented source.


A lightwork by Ulli on the wal?



Size S en M – open editions

The image is printed on the highest quality and durable Fine art photo paper, namely White Velvet 270 grams. Afterwards the print is placed on a hard back wall with an U-frame on it. This print is immediately ready to be hung.

Size S = 40 x 60 cm and M = 50 x 75 cm.

Size L, XL en XXL – limited editions

Limited means that per size (L, XL and XXL) only 4 copies are sold, in addition to the two artist proofs for Ulli himself. After each sale of a print, the price in the gallery becomes higher, because the print becomes more exclusive. Every limited edition is signed, numbered and contains a Certificate of Authenticity.

The print is ready to be hung on gallery level:
– Printed on high quality Finart photopaper
– Laminated between 3mm dibond and 3mm Acrylic glass (UV-resistant)
– The print has a U-frame for hanging.