Lighting Monuments

Light Art

Painting with light. As an example I take the tree at Fijvie Castle (National Trust of Scotland). Whilst the camera is open for minutes, I illuminate the tree with multiple color filters, both sharp and out of focus. 

Because you can illuminate the tree at different angles (3D), this result can not be realized in photoshop (2D). Only the original negative (RAW) file is printed.

On location, I look for the best lighting for each subject (the tree, the leaves on the ground, the castle, the sky and the background). As soon as the light is fully selected, I record all exposures one after the other and thus with one shot.





I normaly work on a project to promote a region, for which I make a series of light works.


It concerns places with meaning, in the form of historical or nature with monumental value.

“With a lightwork I place a monument in a special light. “

About Ulli

Making lightworks of places with history inspires me. Although I am a morning person, I have focused on light art and consequently nightwork. For that I do not always have to stay up, because I can get up early to. If I can work with light, I do not care where I am, what time it is and in what circumstances everything has to take place.

At every location where I come, I want to take the best exposure ever from that location. Whether that really works, everyone can decide for themselves. However, it gives me great energy to set the bar high and with this I hope to get further and further within my possibilities. It is a great idea that when the sun goes down, every location is potentially a light studio.

I am grateful for the many adventures and people I have met.

“At night there is a world of possibilities.”


The light works are sold in the following sizes:

  • S 30 x 45cm – Open editie – Printed on photo paper
  • M 40 x 60 cm – Open editie – Printed on photo paper
  • L 60 x 90 cm – Limited edition – Framed
  • XL 90 x 120 cm  – Limited edition – Framed
  • XXl 100 x 150 cm – Limited edition – Framed

Ulli Hoogland

T: 0031-887708877 M: 0031-619379918

E: hoogland.u@gmail.com

A: Stoombootkade 24

A: 8701 KA Bolsward Netherlands

What does it mean if I create a work of art or a project for your location / region? …. for more info choose the right title.

Making a lightwork at your location? 

Working on location will usually take place as part of a project. This provides publicity for each location of which I make a lightwork. It is possible that I come by invitation, but also that I asked the location itself to be able to make a lightwork there.

Brochure Leergang Arbeidsrecht

If I come to make a lightwork at a location, it is very simple:
– I am not paid to make the lightwork, so no costs for the location where I come.
– I have everything I need (even a toilet and kitchen in my camper).
– I work quietly and with respect for the location.

The only thing I need is time when it is dark. The perfection of a light work takes time, on average about 3 hours.

It will be clear to everyone that art also has a business side. Through this website I sell the lightworks and that is my interest. For the location, the lightwork mainly means publicity and a chance to distinguish itself. The location that gave me permission / access to make a ligh work, gets a photo in the format to use on social media and its own website.

To make special lightworks, it is important to be completely self-sufficient. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. 


A project for your location / region

A project concerns a series of lighworks for a region or location. It is a great way for me and the projectpartner (the location or region) to be distinctive. A collaboration with “a closed purse”, which is based on a win-win situation. I and the projectpartner both have an interest in publicity.

Brochure Leergang Arbeidsrecht

What do I do for a projectpartner? 
1. I make at least 5 lightworks.
2. I place the lightworks with an explanation on the website www.ulliphoto.com
3. I promote the project by approaching printed media (national newspapers and magazines) and digital media (websites).
4. I promote the project through campaigns on social media. 

What does the projectpartner do back?
1. Arranging an exhibition space. The main thing the project partner does is arrange a location where at least 5 artworks can be exhibited. Only a space is needed, because the artworks, the lighting, the signing and such are completely filled in by me.

2. Promotion of the exhibition. The second contribution of the projectpartner is to promote the exhibition. This can be done by informing local media about this and also by referring to the exhibition on a website and / or own printed media. You will receive the texts and photos that can be used for this communication. This means that all supplies are easily available for this as well. 

What kind of exhibition space is suitable? 
With some flexibility from two sides, an exhibition space is easy to find. It concerns a space where at least 5 lightworks can be put next to each other. These are large photos of 150x100cm that are impressive to the public. Think of a space within a town hall, a museum, a church or other location that is available for at least 6 months. The best space is a separate room that is filled in with the artworks, but a central corridor or entrance area is also suitable. That the entrance of the location costs money for the public and the location has specific opening hours is no problem. It is also possible to place the exposition on the floor in a larger space, where I then take care of a stand for the artworks. Changing the location after 3 monds is also an option. In practice, much is possible.

What does it mean to work with a closed purse?
This can be interpreted literally, because there are no reciprocal payments for the project. I do not ask for money for making the lightworks and the publicity that I generate. The projectpartner does not ask money for the realization of the exhibition space and the generation of publicity for the exhibition. The costs for setting up the exhibition are for my account, which involves material that I can use more often. </ p>

The lightworks are a great way to bring your location / region to the attention.

If you are interested, please contact us!